Deluge Systems protect High Hazard Risks from fast acting Fires. They deliver large quantities of water over a large area in a relatively short period of time. Des’s Technico Deluge Valve is compact, lightweight, and is provided with a pre-assembled trim . This makes the installation simple and easy and really fast. Special internal lets the Deluge Valve open fast, yet closing smoothly when action is over, preventing water hammer. There is no false tripping and it can be reset by a thumb-activated knob.

* Quick response/fast opening
* Controlled Closing
* High Flow Capacity
* Lowest Friction.
* Minimum maintenance.
Diaphragm actuated pilot valve reduces leakage to zero
* Mechanical Operation.
* Typical time to full opening =<0.2 sec.
* Standard pressure setting from 0.5 to 3 kg/cm2 for opening pressures
* Operation can be mechanical/Electrical/Hydraulic.
Size From 50 NB to 200 NB

We design and manufacture Deluge Valve in such a way that we achive all the advantage of deluge valve mentioned above and help to get a perfect deluge system. We manufacture Wet type and Dry type Deluge Valves. MOC of Deluge Valve is either Cast Steel A216 Gr. WCB. MOC of Trim is either Bronze or Stainless Steel SS316. Our in house Testing facilities include Hydro Testing, Flow Testing and Functional Test..