Tee Strainers
Tee Strainer is designed to remove solids form Pipe Line where a COmpact accessible strainer is needed for protection of pumps, Valves, and other similar equipment.Tee Strainer is fabricated from pipes and plates or standard equal Tee and Flange Strainer elements are made of M.O.C. -Body - MS / CSStrainer Elements - SS / Bronze Steel perforated sheet or wire mesh supported by perforated Tee Type Strainer many times a structural skeleton. Made of flats and round bar is used to support wire mesh.


  • Compact Size and Low weight.
  • Covers furnished with blow off tapping.
  • Low Pressure drop across the filter.
  • Low Installation and maintenance.
  • Easy cleaning or replacing the element.
  • Machined tapered seat to securely receive the screen cover gaskets designed to hightemperature service.
  • Scrwed : 50 NB - 150 NB
  • Flanges : 150 NB - 600NB