Y -Type Strainers

These types of strainers are named after their shape. It helps in the remval of foregin bodies in pipe line and use line trouble free service and freedom costly repairs or replacement for large area straining perforated screen lined with wire mesh can be used. They are used inhigh temperature and pressure lines gas or liquid and even in suction areas.

Material of Construction:

Y Strainers can be made of Cast Iron,CArbon Steel, SS304, SS316 and as per customers request with flanged connection for large size and socket weld type end connection for samller size non ferrous are with threaded Connections.


  • Compact Size and Low Weight.
  • Covers furnished with blow off tapping.
  • Low Pressure drop across the filter.
  • Low Installation and maintenance.


  • Easy cleaning or replacing the element.
  • Machined tapered seat to securely receive the screen
  • cover gaskets designed to high temperature service.
  • Screwed:15 NB - 50 NB
  • Flanges:15 NB - 900 NB